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Mobile marketing statistics have shown that the average text message is opened and read within just 4 minutes!  Bulk SMS text message marketing will allow you to fully engage your customers with a personalized experience.  In order to help you quickly capitalize on the evolution of mobile marketing, we’ve designed a FREE text message marketing video training series to teach you how to get started with your own campaign to target your San Francisco, CA customer base.

How San Francisco Businesses Use SMS Marketing:
  • Restaurant use text message promos to fill tables after cancelled reservations.
  • Salons keep their stylists’ chairs full with timely appointment reminders.
  • Text message marketing for golf courses keeps tee times locked and loaded.
  • Real estate agent fill their open houses with bulk SMS marketing campaigns.


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Every industry has begun finding creative ways to utilize the ease, speed, and efficiency of a well designed text message marketing platform.  You can sign up now for our FREE SMS Marketing Video Training Series and get the ball rolling today!

Your FREE SMS Marketing Video Training Includes Education To Help You:

  • Making your text message marketing a smashing success
  • How to build your text message subscriber list
  • Reducing cost with mobile marketing software
  • Building an SMS Marketing Platform


“Your free video series was very helpful in launching our campaign.  Thanks a million!”
Jared H. – San Francisco, CA
“Wanted to say thanks for helping us get our mobile campaign underway!”
Michele L. – San Francisco, CA
“Thanks to you our SMS and mobile coupon marketing campaign has filled up tee times even on chilly days!  Thanks again guys!  Much appreciated!”
Tommy B. – Oakland, CA

Don’t let your competitors get a leg up.  Sign up for our FREE SMS Video Training Series now and start learning how to get the edge you need to succeed in a shaky economy.


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Cut the cost of coupon clipping campaigns while being green.  Bulk SMS text message marketing allows you to target a large number of customers, clients, and prospects with response rates as high as 18%, or nearly 20 times the response rate of traditional mass mailings, without all that wasted paper.

Get ahead of the learning curve now & sign up for our FREE text message marketing video training series.  You’ll learn how the “Davids” of small business everywhere are taking on the Goliaths with the right SMS marketing software, tools, and platforms needed to build their most effective advertising campaigns ever.  Just submit your first name, email, and industry for immediate access to your FREE SMS text marketing video training intro!


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