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Mobile marketing gives you the opportunity to reach your political constituents and potential voters the way they want, quickly and unobtrusively!  Bulk SMS text message marketing as part of an integrated mobile marketing political campaign will allow you to fully energize your support base with a personalized voter experience.  In order to help you quickly capitalize on the evolution of mobile marketing, we’ve designed a FREE mobile marketing video training series to teach you how to get started with your own campaign to target your San Francisco, CA political junkies.

How San Francisco Political Campaigns Use Mobile Marketing:
  • Increase awareness of issues quickly with SMS text message updates.
  • Cut the cost of political pamphlets and flyers with digital campaign messages.
  • Peg your best voting prospects with hyper fast text message response rates.
  • Quickly check the pulse of your political base with timely questionnaires and quizzes.


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Every industry has begun finding creative ways to utilize the ease, speed, and efficiency of a well designed mobile marketing system using the right mobile marketing software and tools.  We can show you how when you sign up for our FREE Mobile Marketing Video Training Series and get the donations flowing today!

Your FREE Mobile Marketing Video Training Series Teaches You:
  • How to make your text message political campaign a success
  • How to build your political base SMS subscriber list
  • To reduce time and money spent on paper with an integrated mobile marketing platform
  • How to quickly engage constituents conveniently on their Android & Windows Phones


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“No doubt we’ll have a leg up on our opponent this fall.  Thanks again for all your help, guys.”
Karl C. – Redwood City, CA
“Thanks again for showing me how easy and inexpensive building our mobile political base could be.  This project should have our 2012 activities clicking away!”
Dominique J. – Sacramento, CA
“I’d really rather not say to much for fear our competition does as well as we’ve done after watching your video series.  2012 will be the best political campaign I’ve managed in over 30 years.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  But, don’t get too good at this!”
Harry D. – San Francisco, CA

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Cut the cost of timely door to door and paper pamphlet campaigns while going green.  Bulk SMS text message marketing allows you to target a large number of political constituents and potential donors with text message response rates as high as 18-20%, or nearly 20 times the response rate of traditional mass mailings, without all that wasted paper.  Less cost up front means more dollars going back to the campaigns we love and support.

Get ahead of the curve now & sign up for our FREE mobile marketing video training series.  You’ll learn how easy mobile marketing can be with the right software, tools, and platforms.  Build your most effective political donation and voter campaigns ever.  Simply submit your first name, email, and industry for immediate access to your FREE mobile marketing video training intro!


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